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Our Story

Elaine Holmes and Lawren Clark established their duo as a creative and professional musical unit in early 2016. Shortly after, they determined that the next step should be to integrate their original material into the repertoire. To that end they began sessions in the fall focused on adapting and arranging their individual songs to the duo format.

Ultimately this led to deeper collaborations on their original repertoire with Lawren and Elaine both bringing their strengths to enhance each other’s writing.

The Green Room sound and style is the result of complimentary elements: Lawren tends to be more lyric driven and structural, Elaine is more emotional and sensual. As well , maintaining an openness to each other’s ideas has brought about several unexpected creative breakthroughs. This includes looping which is another aspect of the Green Room sound.

Elaine’s inventive use of vocal looping allows her to create rich harmonies and textures “on the fly” live. Lawren also loops guitar, controls the drum loops and plays bass on a pedal keyboard. With this technology, they can create a very full sound without backing tracks.

On their 2017 album “Opportunity Knocked”, the songs cover the gamut from pure fun to longing, the joys and trials of existence and possibly even cosmic insights. Latin, Groove, and World influences are in evidence, and though eclectic, the songs all sound like Green Room.

The Green Room repertoire combines many original songs with creative mashups and re-interpretations of pop, jazz, latin, and blues song. More recently, Green Room has expanded their repertoire with the addition of a large selection of Funk and R&B music.


For bookings contact : Lawren Clark 250 832 3146 or
Elaine Holmes 250 253 2953.

Lawren Clark

Lawren Clark

Lawren Clark (guitar, bass, drum loops and bass pedals and vocals) has been a full time professional musician for the last 38 years.

As well as being the full time solo house musician at a number of venues, Lawren has been a member of the Celtic group “Seanachie”, the pop group “Suzie Q” and the classic rock group “Bender”. Currently he is half of the Pop, Jazz and Latin Duo “Green Room” and is the main performer at the Mediterranean restaurant An Diamo in Salmon Arm British Columbia

In 2015, Lawren released a new full length solo CD of original songs entitled “Landscape” and in 2017 released the CD “Opportunity Knocked” with his duo partner in Green Room Elaine Holmes.

Elaine Holmes

Elaine Holmes

Elaine Holmes has been involved in the music scene for the past decade, largely in theatrical musicals, including a production of “Little Shop of Horrors” as Audrey. She joined forces with Lawren Clark 4 years ago and they been performing regularly as “Green Room” in a wide variety of venues.

In 2017 they produced their first album, “Opportunity Knocked”, which is comprised of original adult alternative music. Her wide range and tonality lends itself to anything from jazzy numbers to blues, approached with her own unique style.